Port Coquitlam Property Clean Up

Posted on by TwoGuys

It doesn’t take long for a large property to get overwhelmed with junk. And it seems the bigger the property, the quicker i happens. It happens for many reasons, mostly people have the space to put things and not have them in the way.

Not much different with our customer in Port Coquitlam. Large property and for years was always able to put thing in a corner, or just over there, and not have it in the way. Well, this customer thought it was time to clean up the property and they were tired of looking at all their junk. So they called us!

With 2 labourers, 1 day and a couple 30 yard disposal bins, we cleaned the property from top to bottom leaving no junk to be seen. I’ll tell ya, the customer was beyond happy with all the space we freed up for use.

If you have a large property and need to clean in up and remove a bunch of junk, then we’re the guys to call!

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