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Check out our new Junk Removal and Disposal Bin Rental service video!

Junk Removal and Disposal Bin Rental Video

We just put together a quick and simple overview video of our Junk Removal and Disposal Bin Rental services. Have a watch and let us know how we can help you!

Loading Scrap Metal In Vancouver!

Scrap Metal Bin Recycling

We had a call from a customer that had a lot of scrap metal left over from a huge project. And when I say a lot, well, let’s just say we’ve loaded 2 30-yard scrap metal bins and are going … Continue reading

Thank you to all that have served and sacrificed for our freedom.

Going about our day to day lives it’s easy for us to forget those that sacrificed their tomorrow for our freedom today. To all that serve, have served, and to those that have loved ones that serve, thank you from … Continue reading

Junk Removal Downtown Vancouver

Have some leftover office furniture or junk you need to be removed in Downtown Vancouver? We just did a small junk removal job on West Pender in Vancouver form the 10th floor. Our junk removal team with our 5-tonne truck … Continue reading

Small Office Cleanout In Vancouver

Office Cleanout Vancouver Junk Removal

Our junk removal team came in and completed this office cleanout in one day, from start to finish! We dismantled the office cubicles, including the under-desk filing cabinets and partitions. It’s hard to believe, but the only items that went … Continue reading

Live Load Disposal Bin Rentals In Vancouver

We had a customer ask that since they didn’t have any room to place a disposal bin being that the job was in Vancouver, could we live load 2 dirt bins back to back. Since we strive to continually exceed … Continue reading

We’re Growing! More Bins!

New Disposal BIns for Construction and Junk Removal

Now that we have the new yard with more space, we’ve got our new large disposal bins in! We were holding off a little bit until we were able to acquire some more yard space, and now that we have, … Continue reading

We’re Growing! New Bigger Yard!

New Yard to store our disposal bins and junk removal trucks

We’re so very happy to announce that with the growth we’ve had over the last year, we’ve run out of space and have moved into our new, much larger yard space! This new yard will allow us to better serve … Continue reading

Phones! Phones! And More Phones!

Junk Removal Burnaby Hotel Phone Removal
Posted on by TwoGuys

Can you hear me now? We had a customer in dire need to dispose of their old phone system they had in their hotel and we were happy to oblige! To keep costs down, we used our pickup truck to … Continue reading

Grocery Store Cleanout Vancouver

Posted on by TwoGuys

A customer in Vancouver called us when they needed their grocery store cleaned out and everything inside removed. After we put an estimate together for them they had us start tearing down their store. We dismantled all their metal retail … Continue reading

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