Environmental Commitment

We are strongly committed to minimizing the environmental footprint our customers have on the environment. When you work with us, you’ll quickly realize that we take a level of pride in recycling the waste form our customers and divert as much from the landfills as possible.

We only use licensed recycling facilities ensuring that no waste is just tossed away and is recycled properly. Whether your project is disposing of drywall, wood, construction waste or scrap metal, we take the necessary steps to ensure everything that can be recycled, is recycled.

Our first question when you call to order a disposal bin or request our junk removal service is “What do you have?”. We ask this not because we don’t trust our customers, but to give us a better idea of what it is we need to get rid of and start the process of finding the best solutions for our customers waste disposal needs.

When ordering a disposal bin, where possible, we’ll suggest having separate bins for the different types of waste your project creates. We have the ability to sort waste from the source by providing bins for each major type of waste such as drywall, concrete, soil, wood, cardboard, scrap metal, green waste, etc.

With our Junk Removal service, we’ll load our trucks and sort the waste in groupings of type of waste and which recycling centre that type of waste needs to go to.

At Two Guys Disposal, our tag line “Your Partners In Responsible Recycling” isn’t just a tag line, it’s our way of doing business.

  • No Annoying Extra Fees

  • Fully Insured & Licensed

  • WCB Compliant

  • 100% Recycled Loads