Prohibited Materials

Unlike our disposal bin rental services, with our junk removal we are able to sort the waste before it gets dumped at the landfill. This means that we can co-mingle loads with different types of materials as well as take items that are prohibited at the land fills such as appliances, e-waste and some oil and chemicals. Below is . list of items that we cannot take with our junk removal services.

Automotive Fluids

We can take used engine oil, transmission oil and coolant (anti-freeze), however we cannot take brake fluid as there currently is not a recycling centre available for it.

Hazardous Chemicals

We cannot take any hazardous chemicals.

Chemicals Without A Label

Even if you know what’s inside a chemical container, unless it has a label on the container that clearly states what it is, we cannot properly dispose of it.

Asbestos Contaminated Items

Given the highly dangerous elements of asbestos, you need to have a specialized asbestos transportation company haul away anything containing asbestos.

  • Same Day Junk Removal Service

    Same Day Service*

    Most of the time, we're able to provide Same Day Junk Removal services in the Lower Mainland.

  • Upfront Estimate Before Starting Junk Removal

    Upfront Pricing

    We'll provide a free, no-obligation estimate before we start removing your junk from your home.

  • Fully Insured And Licensed Junk Removal Service

    Fully Insured & Licensed

    You can rest easy knowing we are fully insured with liability and licensed to remove your junk.

  • We Recycle and Donate You Junk

    Recycle & Donate

    We recycle and donate as much of your junk that we remove as we can through charities and depots.

What Junk We Remove