Large Estate Cleanout In White Rock

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Due to a tragic loss of a family member our customer called us to help with their estate cleanout. Given the sheer size of the estate, the customer was overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done and struggled with knowing even where to start.

We arrived on-site and took a quick survey of the estate and made a plan to clean out everything in the house and the surrounding property. Over the span of three and a half days, we managed to clean out over 38,000 lbs of items ranging from small tin cans all the way up to large furniture items and workshop benches.

We utilized not only our junk removal trucks but also 8 disposal bins including 6 40-yard disposal bins for general garbage and 2 30-yard disposal bins for scrap metal. The amount of items that we hauled away in the three and a half days was what was left over after we called numerous second had thrift stores, charities and non-profits and they took what they were able to re-purpose.

To say this was our largest estate cleanout would be an understatement. It’s a good thing we had the ability to utilize our disposal bins as well as our junk trucks, or the cost to the customer and the time taken would have been astronomical!

Once we were done removing the items from the estate, we took the time to go through the entire house and sweep up the areas we removed junk from, basically leaving the house market-ready.

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